It is essential that Security Personnel working in the private security industry are well trained and prepared with excellent under pinning knowledge. Here at Milne Management Ltd our Officers undergo a foundation training programme that results in a recognised qualification. Once vetted and licensed the Officer will be mentored by an experienced fellow Security Officer and monitored along their chosen career path. Our Human Resources Department has a dedicated Vetting Officer, ensuring each candidate is thoroughly vetted as per BS 7585. We know that training and work experience helps provide a professional and diligent workforce.
Our Approach

• Maintain core competency specifications that meet the needs of the private security industry and are based on industry best practice.

• Consult with key stakeholders to continuously improve the standards of both training and qualifications.

• Take into consideration the National Occupational Standards that are relevant to the private security industry. National Occupational Standards are work-related statements of the competence an individual requires in order to carry out key tasks effectively.

More specialised security training is available, which only certain candidates will be able to undertake. These specialised training modules are employed by UK Special Forces and only taught when a very high degree of security is required.
Milne Management Ltd can provide a bespoke Security Training Package which can be developed in liaison with the client. To ensure their specific security requirements are met.Depending on the Industry or sector concerned, Milne Management Ltd can provide security training, for those candidates and Companies who realise inclusion in a pro-active training schedule will ultimately benefit clients, the work place and Industry.
Basic Modules

Candidates will be tutored in the following:

• Patrolling of an assignment
• Hazards/threats
• Fire Awareness
• Record writing
• Reporting of Incidents
• First Aid (FPOS)
• Radio Communication Skills
• Incident Management
• Conflict Management & Resolution

Liasing With:

• The Law
• The Public
• The Client

Searching of:

• Personnel
• Vehicles
• Buildings