MANNED GUARDING - The provision of SIA Licensed and trained Security Officers to all sectors.

- Construction Industry
- House Building
- Airports
- Sea Ports
- Government Projects
- HM Prisons
- Insolvency Practice
Our Manned Guarding remit includes:

• Securing premises against unauthorised access/occupation and damage.
• Ensuring property isn’t damaged or destroyed and guarding against theft.
• Securing one or more individuals against assault or injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.
• Providing a physical presence and carrying out diligent patrols and/or surveillance which will deter or otherwise discourage any of the events happening.

- Sporting events
- Conferences
- Exhibitions
- Concerts

Milne Management Ltd provides crowd management and security services to the events market, live music, sporting events, conferences, exhibitions and community events. By providing high quality and well managed security staff we are able to oversee a safe environment for client and public alike. Our management team and staff are SIA licensed & trained. Each team member is vetted to BS 7858. All are experienced within event management.
Our Services include:

• Artist/Player security
• Close Protection services
• Tour security – music and sport
• Event security
• Event safety
• Site security
• Conference and exhibition staff
• Crowd management planning
• Stewarding - general
• Front of house staff
• Receptionists
• Cloak room staff
• Car park staff
• Drivers

- Loss Prevention
- Deterrent
- Safe establishment for Staff & Clientele

Whether your company operates a boutique, specialty or big box environment, our expertise will deliver both results and a positive return on your loss prevention investment.
Our proposition is to provide expert solutions and professional execution coupled with a business management approach. We implement systems that fit your culture and operations to achieve your loss prevention goals. The breadth and depth of our experience provides the expertise to offer solutions that work in all segments of retail. We can provide comprehensive security teams to execute loss prevention services and/or provide support to an existing loss prevention department. Today's retailers face unique challenges in this changing economic environment.
As consumer demands drive higher levels of competition for market share, margin enhancement has become a critical component of success. In an industry where every pound counts, inventory protection is paramount to profitability and company performance. For more than a decade we have delivered exceptional results to our clients. Our unique approach to provide clients with both a solution and trained Security Personnel to execute it is the cornerstone of our success.

- Liaising with the Public
- Aiding Visitors
- Security Presence
- Fire Marshall
- Evacuation Operations.
Our Concierge staff provides courtesy and security services at various residential buildings, hotels and urban luxury high-rises. Our duties include screening visitors and deliveries, the safety and well-being of residents and visitors whilst liaising with building maintenance and/or owners to effectively meet with fire regulations and being a welcoming first point of contact.

• Operational 24/7
• Monitoring of Security/Duty personnel
• H&SE Checks
• Support of Lone Worker
• Alarm Response
• Key Holding
• Mobile Patrol Checks
• Void Property Checks
• CCTV Monitoring & Response

Milne Management Limited has developed a Security System with the constant changing environment of the Construction Industry in mind. CCTV towers with high powered night vision cameras mounted at key points throughout the project will transmit and record 24 hours per day. Images are clear and precise, being retained for evidence should this be required.